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Similar to our diverse range of coffee we hope to bring every coffee lovers no matter the inequalities a sip of rejoice.

We Care

Hand picked coffee dealt in the traditional fashion is only possible because of the hardworking and consistent workers. Undoubtedly they top our priority list.

Speciality Beans

Shade-grown coffee beans under proper temperature and altitude help to bring you out the most flavourful cup of coffee you will always ask for.

Pour Some More

The entire dedication in making ends up in serving a good cup of authentic coffee which gives you the best brewing time so that your wish to pour some more in your mug never ends.

Freshly Roasted Specialty Coffee


We at Panther Noir value our socio-economic responsibility towards the artists who make speciality coffee possible. We only procure from the farms based in the Sacred groves of Western Ghat region, those follow the highest standard of sustainability in the farming process. Our coffee is completely shade-grown at a high altitude under a natural forest of shade trees at a different level. We promote biodiversity and reforestation of the natural habitat. Our farmers plant lots of trees, keeping the   vegetation richness in mind and also intent to get back to the native wildlife.

Hexagonal precision of Panther Noir


Panther Noir practices coffee farming under the canopy of trees, maintaining  the traditional trademark which promotes a healthier environment and undisturbed ecology nurturing different habitats. “Shade grown coffee production is the next best thing to a natural forest”- Smithsonian Migratory Bird centre.


Environment paves the path of a stable and sustainable future and Panther Noir contributes to the environment to its brim. Starting form the restoration of farm with a wide range of plants to securing the natural habitats for the wildlife. Panther Noir takes care of your surroundings, it is beyond just a cup of coffee.

Economic security of the community

We treat our workers keeping their secured economic status and sustainability in mind. We encourage and try to associate  ourselves and procure coffee from those who practice Long term guaranteed contracts, financial stability and a basic margin of profitability for the workers and prioritise them even through thick and thin.


We encourage naturally grown coffee which is devoid of any chemical products. No chemical pests are used to match up the market demand of the coffee . We maintain a safe and healthy balance between the market demand and chemical free authentic coffee as quality can not be compromised under any circumstances.


Panther Noir believes  in re checking the quality of coffee before serving it to the consumers. Right after the harvest the coffee beans undergo  several sorting process to make the coffee beans devoid of defects and also to offer the consumers the best experience of speciality coffee.

100% Traceability

Your cup of coffee is never loses track, if an query in authenticity tickles you, always remind yourself that your favourite beverage that you adore a ton, adores you back, hence is 100 % traceable back to the farms where they are grown tampering with the ecosystem or environment along with authenticity, without compromising with the quality in order to satisfy the market rush.

 Arabica & Robusta
Perfect Blend

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Arabica , Robusta & Chicory
Filter Coffee

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Single Origin & 100% traceable
Speciality Coffee

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We focus on sustainability and richness in the quality of our coffee and would serve the best cup of coffee to our consumers which  sustains and rules in the days to come.

Through your spectacle

Really enjoying the coffee I acquired from here. It’s a sip full of pleasure each and every time.

Prantik Basu


Would purchase the coffee from here over and over again. Me and my family are very fond of it. Give it a try. 

Archana Umashankar


The coffee I got hold of here is capable of bringing joy and happiness on a dull and dark day. Energising.

Kiran Rai

IT professional

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