Touch of tradition

Here we pick the best beans to make our exclusive coffee which is directly sourced form the farmers, where sustainability and authenticity play the most crucial role . We follow the traditional mode of production and avoid using pests or chemicals. Compromising with the quality to satisfy the market rush is something that we don't entertainment. Panther Noir successfully balances the authentic quality of the coffee along with the market demand.

Climate & coffee

Is your favourite cup of coffee at risk? Or shall we assume that end is near? – All these questions start to march in our minds when we sense that global warming or deforestation is tampering with the production of coffee and stands as a Major reason behind the declination of its taste.

Craze for coffee has always been in the peak. In order to prioritise the market demand certain artificial methods are applied to increase the growth of coffee which adds on to the list of hindrance in the production of sustainable coffee.

3p’s of Panther Noir

Coffee Bean


We always go for the traditional mode of production which involves shades of trees and expanded greenery. The balance between Market demand and product authenticity is maintained thoroughly.

Coffee Bean


We have adapted the most authentic process to produce coffee, directly collected from the farmers, avoiding mediators. We make sure that the soil is rich , fertile and healthy so that consumers don’t compromise with the taste and quality of coffee.

Coffee Bean


We take care of the profit of the farmers and other associates despite of any market hazards. A fair profit chain always surrounds the workers.

Brew the best for a better future

A repetitive demand of the same crops lead to the use of morden techniques to increase the production which takes away the authenticity of the products and eventually leaves a negative impact on the soil, degrading its quality. As a result of which the farmers lag behind in terms of profit which worsen the scenario, at times push them on the verge of self-destruction.
In Panther Noir we take care of the healthy future by practicing the traditional and sustainable methods of coffee production leaving the modern ways aside , here we also avoid the use of fertilizers and pesticides and grow our coffee on healthy soil. It is made sure that maximum benefits and profits are provided to the community involved in the supply chain and we hope to gift a better future to the coming generation.

panther noir – the namesake

The exclusiveness that oozes out of Panther Noir resembles the rarity of the black panther, Saya, spotted in the Kabini forest of Karnataka. As the name of our brand suggests, panther Noir offers you coffee with richness and strength. With each sip, panther Noir will remind you of its royalty, dominance, and legacy. It has the quality to stand out in the crowd. The boldness and rarity of Panther noir hold the similar traits found in saya .with each tablespoon of our coffee you can sense the exclusiveness and magnificence of Panther Noir.

Credits : National Geographic India, Shaaz Jung


Sustainability is the key to a better, bigger and brighter future. sustainable Agriculture not only nurtures social, environmental and economical need but also looks after the time to come by enhancing a scope of instantaneous betterment. India has managed to preserve the scope  to awake and gear up the chain of coffee production and coffee drinking ritual keeping the sustainability factor in the top shelf of the priority list.

Here, in Panther Noir we focus on the authentic production and distribution of coffee to secure the biodiversity in the farms.

**  ” Playful cup: Panther Noir stands firmly against child labor, we carefully hold the moments of joy which the kids cherish with their happy family of farmers. “

When Passion meets Legacy – Magic Happens

The story started in a office cubicle but eventually followed the routes of Chikmagalur – the Coffee Capital of India, when three IT professionals set their minds to pour sustainable coffee in the cups of all the coffee lovers. Giving Birth to Panther Noir is the responsibility which bloomed after meeting Mr. Nakul Mysore Jayram, Specialist Coffee Roaster SE Asia & one of the youngest Certified Q Grader.  Our association with this Artisanal Coffee family, who owns their heirloom farms and roastery in Chikmagalur has enlightened our process of creating the perfect product without disturbing the environment. Their intention of creating sustainable coffee has united us and we fully support their cause.

Sunshine Enterprise, a 3rd generation coffee planters and roasters a family that has celebrated their 70 years of dominance in Coffee industry. Sunshine Enterprise was the brainchild of late Sri M.K Sreenivasa Setty and Late Sri M Shankar Murthy which was shaped up in the year 1952, and till date maintain to hold the brilliance. This supremacy is achieved by processing and marketing high quality coffee, which are traded on different created platforms for buyers and growers of specialty coffee and finally by distributing the best coffee equipment and machines. Its National and International reach has been a blessing for Indian coffee lovers.

Panther Noir never fails to pick the passionate ones, such is our association with Mr. Nakul Mysore, who holds a rich background of coffee. He is the charged atom in the coffee space and redirecting himself towards specialty coffee. His initiatives like ‘World of Coffee experience’ based in gave us credibility and concrete reasons of an association.

Mr. Nakul’s roastery in Chikamagalur and huge warehouse with the capacity of preserving 100s tones of coffee have been a powerful factor in this space. He also managed to aggregate coffees at the estate level. The supply chain of India is invincible, with a network of farms acting as the backbone.

His efforts to organize farm to cup platforms in India in order to reduce challenges for planters and roasters is highly appreciated by Panther Noir, and we truly cherish this association. Mr. Nakul has always been a Investor of our idea’s, which encourage us to move to the right direction and brig a change in the Indian Speciality Coffee scenario.

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